With Christ and Macedonia in the heart

If you ever visited Stara Zagora - the ancient Augusta Trajana and the medieval Vereja, then you have certainly gone to the famous "Ajazmo"park. Below the very peak, by a small chapel, there is a sepulchre of dark grey marble, built on the site of an ancient pagan sanctuary. On the front of the tomb there is a bas-relief with the inscription "Starozagorskii Metropolitan Methodii", on the back of the tomb stands an epitaph - a quotation from the Gospel:

"He was like a sun, shining
over the temple of the Almighty God
like a fire with myrrh in a censer,
like an olive tree with fruit
and like a cypress rising to the clouds!"

The Foundation "Metropolitan Methodii Koussev" organised 1998 the celebration of the 160th anniversary of the birth of the prominent social and spiritual figure Metropolitan Methodii (lay name Todor Koussev) born 1838 in the town of Prilep (Macedonia) died 1922 in Stara Zagora (Bulgaria).

Маргарита Кусева